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'Our musical partnership stretches back to 2015. Over those past years we have lived music intensely, fuelling each other’s passion. This led to the creation of a very strong connection between us, resulting in two album releases; “Inspiration” (Ubuntu Music) 2018 & “Reflections” (BBE Music) 2022, multiple awards and the privilege to share our music with diverse audiences on numerous international stages. All of these experiences laid the foundation for our collaborative effort, the “Altera Vita” album.

In an era yearning for serenity, spirituality, and peace, our music arose as a spontaneous response to the world around us. From this vulnerability, we tried to create beauty that guides us through the turbulence and discord. This project, from Tabula Rasa to Alter Vita, embodies this journey.  

The improvised style in our compositions on "Altera Vita" resonates deeply with the musical style of our hero Pharoah Sanders, which led us to dedicate the album to him. We had the incredible privilege of sharing a stage with Sanders at the Barbican during the 2017 EFG London Jazz Festival, a concert paying tribute to Alice & John Coltrane.

This event was profound and left a lasting resonance on us. Meeting Pharoah, a gentle soul, and witnessing his electrifying musical genius was an experience so compelling that words could not do justice.

With Pharoah's passing in September 2022, we wished to pay tribute for his influence on our artistic journey through Jazz. It all began with "Altera Vita (for Pharoah Sanders)" a composition by Tony that aimed to capture Sanders’ essence of spirituality and depth of reflection. The positive response from our fans and critics to this single (digital version on BBE music) encouraged us to compose more music for an entire record.

The album came to life in just two intense days at Fish Factory Studios in London Summer 2023. In the studio, our inspiration flowed uninterrupted.

We put together the rich tapestries of our West African and Eastern European roots, resulting in a harmonious blend of diverse cultural influences. Harp and saxophone took the lead and we complemented the recordings by playing percussion. Tony recorded Kalimba on Tu Vedere and Muriel Grossmann, leading Spiritual Jazz artist, recorded Tambora for Audite Me from her base in Ibiza. We also formed a deep bond with our sound engineer, Ben Lamdin, whose musical sensibility helped us capture the unique sound we had envisioned.

When we finally completed the album, our faces lit up with smiles, much like children who've just created something magical. We felt that we could communicate complex messages that transcend the confines of language, through the universe of sound.


We hope "Altera Vita" brings solace and elation to those who listen in these uncertain times. May our music inspire all to seek peace and harmony. As the world turns, let music guide us to a life marked by tranquillity and spiritual richness.


Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Alina Bzhezhinska and Tony Kofi

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