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Having grown up in Ukraine and still having most of my family and friends living there the current war has been an incredibly personal crisis - one which has inspired me, as it has so many people from all around the world.

Since the beginning of the war (24 Feb 2022) HipHarpCollective has managed to get over £38,000 in donations and performed over 30 concerts for UKRAINE! Our concerts were broadcasted live on RadioJazzFM and Live streamed worldwide.


Link to our first concert at Cockpit Theatre:

We donated the funds to Tetyana Mialkowska Arts Centre in Lutck in Volyn Oblast (province) in support of art therapy project for refugees; bought 3 vehicles for the Ukrainian Army, sent humanitarian aid and protective equipment to soldiers of the Territorial Defence Regiments.

Our massive thank you goes to everyone who contributed, especially Cockpit Theatre London, Harp Column USA, Barnet Arts Club, Crowmarsh Jazz, Hales Gallery London, The Adimno Edinburgh, POSK London, Ognisko London, Jazz in the Round, SOAS University, Gina Southgate Art, B:JazzFestival, Wolverhampton Ukrainian Club and many artist and musicians who gave their time and talents to support the cause.


Willing to support Ukraine? Donate here or buy our specially made  T-shirts MAKE MUSIC NOT WAR:

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